GDDR7 Memory Hits The Market In Early 2024

If you’re eagerly anticipating greater capacity and enhanced performance in the next generation of graphics cards, we have some good news and some not-so-good news for you. The announcement of GDDR7 memory has already taken place, and it appears that this new memory technology will be available for implementation in real products as early as next year.

However, it seems that both NVIDIA and AMD have no plans to release entirely new generations of graphics cards in 2024. Selling the current RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000 models has proven to be quite challenging. Nevertheless, the world of technology continues to progress, and GDDR7 is on its way.

GDDR7 Memory

As a next-generation memory standard, GDDR7 will bring numerous significant improvements over the existing GDDR6/6X standard. Expect faster speeds, reduced latency, and the exciting possibility of significantly increasing memory capacity in future products.

According to Micron, GDDR7 memory will be manufactured using the 1ß process (1-beta), which is expected to lower production costs while improving product efficiency and performance. Notably, this will be the final memory production process to utilize DUB (Deep UltraViolet) technology.

However, the introduction of these innovations will require some adaptation from manufacturers who create products for consumer markets. Therefore, despite the initial availability of the first GDDR7 chips in early 2024, it may take some additional time before we witness products that truly harness the potential of this new technology.

Major manufacturers across various sectors, including mobile, data center, and graphics cards, anticipate significant performance advancements with the adoption of GDDR7. This technology is expected to be utilized in the next generation of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. For AMD, this marks a significant milestone as GDDR6X memory was previously exclusive to NVIDIA.

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While the launch of entirely new graphics card generations is anticipated for 2025, it is highly likely that both NVIDIA and AMD will release a “refresh” of their current cards in 2024. This may come in the form of the RTX 40 Super series and Radeon RX 7×50 series, providing enthusiasts with improved performance while they await the arrival of the next groundbreaking releases.

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