Green Square Chat Translator App

Chat in a foreign language or scan and translate text into any language you like. Chat Translator Keyboard – All language Translator is the simplest photo translator, OCR scanner, language dictionary, and translator app you will find to chat and text in any language you like.

As one of the best free translation apps, this app lets you translate all languages, learn a new language, chat in a foreign language, and scan photos using an OCR scanner easily. You no longer must switch to free translation apps, as this dictionary and translator app does it all for you!

The new dictionary and translator applets you translate all languages into any other language in any app on your phone. It is a complete photo translator, OCR scanner, and translation typing keyboard that has a single button added for Chat translation. Works in all social networking apps and all other apps in which you need to use your phone keypad to write text.

Chat Translator can translate text on your phone screen from all language to your choosen language. It is also possible to use chat translator to translate chat messages and translate web pages, comments, news, and social media posts. All can be easily translated to your language with the App Translator feature of the chat translator. Screen Translator can be used to translate WhatsApp chat messages and other apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

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