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Say No to Leaked Photos. Say No to Leaked Videos. Say No to Leaked Data. Install Secure Wipeout. Secure Wipe out helps you delete your data with military-graded file shredder which ensures that the data is not recoverable. Now you can securely delete your personal photos and videos before selling your phone.

Shredding is the only digitally possible method to permanent delete data from a device. Traditional data removing methods like deleting, formatting and flashing will not entirely remove the data from a device, instead they will just hide this data and make it inaccessible. But these hidden data can be accessed by anyone using data recovery software.

Secure Wipeout is using the Data Shredding Algorithms which are invented through decades of research and are purely made for unrecoverable data deletion. Below is the list of those algorithms (We do not claim to invent these algorithms, we are only using these algorithms in Secure Wipeout for you.

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