Internet Data Guard No Root Firewall App

With DataGuard No Root Firewall, block your app from unwanted access and hacks. DataGuard No Root Firewall offers helps you block access to the internet so that you can prevent web attacks and protect yourself from unwanted access to the internet.

You can allow or deny applications and addresses access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection. With firewall technologies and secure filter lists, you comprehensively protect your privacy and are also informed about what is being shared with the world.

DataGuard is a powerful firewall app for Android. The Firewall protects you from hacker attacks and notifies you when an app tries to send data to the internet. You can see in real-time which apps are accessing which servers or wasting mobile data. With simple filter rules, you can allow or deny individual connections to an app.

With DataGuard No Root Firewall, you monitor and block data traffic. With two clicks, you select the apps that should be blocked. You can completely prevent online access to an app. This also improves the performance of your device and relieves battery usage.

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