Keep Me Out App

Allows you to lock yourself out of your device for a chosen time period . Lock your phone to relax, study or stay focused on what really matters. Use Keep Me Out to improve your life by locking your phone and boosting your productivity.

Simply choose a time and press lock to stay focused on your studies, take time off your phone to relax or improve your sleep rhythm. 

Achieve more by boosting your efficiency, concentration and productivity. Schedule fixed lock times to develop good habits and take control of your mobile usage. Now you can enjoy some quality, device-free, and distraction-free time!

Understanding is the first step to progress: we help you understand your habits with insightful reports on your app specific usage time over any given time frame.

Improving your habits is the shortest path to self-improvement. The most effective way to do this is to gain full control of the access to your mobile device. With Keep Me Out we help users moderate their mobile usage by enabling them to lock their phone for a defined period of time.

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