Mic Cam CMP Privacy App

The feature will give users more control over data and privacy.

Privacy Indicators will bring the above Recording Indicators feature of iOS 14 to Android.

Get Notified every time any third-party app is accessing your Camera. Get Notified every time any app is accessing your Microphone. You can customise indicator colour, size, opacity, and position. Option to enable Haptic feedback when indicators appear. You can turn off any individual features in required. View log of Indicators triggered, all at one place.

How to Use:
1. After installing the App, Enable the Service from the Accessibility Settings.
2. You can Customize the Indicators color and position as per your choice from the Home.
3. Also if required you can enable the Vibration Feedback or Notification option.
4. Kudos , You are good to go.
5. The Service keeps running in the background and automatically starts even you restart the mobile

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