Screen Lens Camera And Voice Translator App

SmarTranIt has a powerful text translation function. You only need to drag the translation ball to the corresponding position. It can provide accurate translation in many applications, and it can also replace the text in the target input box with translated text, allowing you to experience Differential dialogue.

SmarTranIt has a unique voice translation and text translation function, just set the current language to the target language to complete the input translation without writing. You can also enter text content through the input box, and the translated content can be copied and played.

Turn on the real-time translation function and focus the camera on the target area to get the translation content. You can use the freeze button to pause the screen content for viewing.

SmarTranIt has a very special artistic word function, it can turn the language you input into various funny artistic words, which will make your friends at a loss.

If you are satisfied with our application. The SmarTranIt team is committed to providing users with the best quality translation software. If you have any questions, please report to us in time, thank you!

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