Stario Launcher App

Want to declutter? Do more with Stario — the minimalist launcher for you .Inspired by the minimalist phone concept, a decluttered experience brought to the quotidian smartphone, Stario aims to keep functionality and productivity at their peak in a simple and elegant format. Oh, and by the way, it is all free!


  • Toggleable built-in media player
  • Built-in note-taking
  • RSS reader
  • Minimalist drawer
  • Fast, responsive search
  • Quick integrated web search
  • Double tap to lock
  • Toggleable monochrome app icons


Stario fully respects your privacy. It does not collect app usage or personal data, and it may very well protect your data better than yourself!


Bundled accessibility service has the sole purpose of allowing you to quickly turn off your phone’s screen with a gesture. The service is optional, disabled by default, and neither collects nor shares any data.

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