Track it Even if it is Off

In the fast-paced digital era, our smartphones are lifelines, storing valuable information and memories. Unfortunately, unforeseen events such as theft, loss, or emergencies can disrupt our lives. Introducing Hammer – the world’s first smart security app designed to safeguard your phone and provide assistance in critical situations. In this post, we’ll delve into the features that make Hammer a must-have in today’s uncertain world.

The Unseen Threats: Lost Phones and Emergencies

No one anticipates a lost or stolen phone, yet it happens to many of us. Hammer is not just an anti-theft app; it’s a comprehensive solution that goes beyond tracking and finding lost phones. It’s your guardian against emergencies, ensuring that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Hammer: The First Smart Security App

What sets Hammer apart is its proactive approach to security. Unlike traditional apps that require user intervention, Hammer detects emergencies without any action on your part. Whether it’s an SOS situation or an attempt to compromise your phone’s security, Hammer takes charge discreetly, making it the first smart security app in the world.

Key Features that Define Hammer’s Superiority

Emergency Contacts & Live Updates

When an SOS situation arises, Hammer automatically sends live location, pictures, and audio to your pre-set emergency contacts. This real-time communication ensures that your loved ones are informed and can act swiftly in case of an emergency.

Fake Shutdown & Airplane Mode Simulation

Hammer tackles the root problem associated with phone shutdown or enabling airplane mode. It cleverly simulates these states, sending live updates instead of shutting down, thwarting any attempts by thieves or intruders.

App Lock & Emergency PIN

Secure your sensitive data with the App Lock feature, requiring a PIN for access. In case of a forced PIN entry, provide your Emergency PIN, and Hammer will instantly send critical information to your emergency contacts.

Car Collision Detector

Using your phone’s sensors, Hammer detects car collisions and automatically relays your location to your loved ones. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, especially during unforeseen accidents.

Intruder Selfie & Panic Button

Fail to unlock your phone multiple times, and Hammer captures an intruder selfie, sending it to your email. For other emergencies, the Panic Button provides quick access to send live updates to your emergency contacts.

Low-Battery SMS

Hammer notifies your emergency contacts when your battery is running low, allowing them to reach out to you before it’s too late. This simple yet crucial feature ensures that you stay connected, even in challenging situations.

Remote Control via Website

In the event of a lost or stolen phone, Hammer offers remote control capabilities through its website. From requesting location updates to triggering an unstoppable alarm, you have full control to protect your device and data.

Trusting Hammer: A Wise Decision

Hammer has earned its users’ trust through five years of expertise in addressing insecurity problems. Realistic, non-intrusive, and affordable, Hammer is more than just a security app – it’s your partner in navigating the uncertainties of the modern world.

In conclusion, Hammer is a realistic and indispensable solution in an unsafe world. Download it now to experience the peace of mind that comes with having a robust defense against phone loss and emergencies. Your safety is Hammer’s priority – empower yourself with this groundbreaking app today.

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