White Star Blackout App

Have you ever felt like you need to take a break from your phone? Or that you suffer from cell phone addiction? Or that you also suffer from ‘screen addiction’? Do you lack the ability to stay focused lately? Or maybe your phone is affecting your sleeping patterns, or your job? Maybe quitting cold turkey can be really hard too.

While developing/maintaining Detox(another app that helps users stay focused) we got a lot of reviews and emails from users saying they wanted an app where they could specify a time frame that they would not be able to use their smartphone for. That’s where the idea for BlackOut originally came from.

The concept is really simple, you just open the app and select a starting time, finishing time and days of the week then activate the time slot. During the period and days you select your phone will dissuade you from using it until the time period ends.


  • You can register up to 3 different time frames of up to 4 hours(each) for free.
  • A simple way to help you beat phone addiction or get better sleep.
  • Stay focused and get more done.
  • Stops you from using your phone during a specified time frame.
  • You can select the days that the app will operate too, you could set it to only weekdays if that fits your schedule.
  • Registering multiple time slots is possible(unlimited for premium users)
  • You can make emergency calls
  • Premium users can receive calls easily too
  • Time slots that overlap two days(premium
  • White list functionality(premium)

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